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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 16, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. created google search, now she will run yahoo. the rising star in pelican valley shifts to be a ceo. good evening. >> is it it is the talk of the tech world. yatoo raiding google and hiring a 37-year-old engineer as it's next ceo. she started tomorrow, she is taking over a company that's struggled to find it's niche. we are live at yahoo headquarters to tell us about the surprise move. >> reporter: all is quiet here
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but online many are talking about how she has been tapped to take the reigns. some say she can turn the company around. >> the 37-year-old is known to many many the tech worm as being smart and talented. news that she left her job as a tonight executive it be the ceo came as a surprise. she started as an engineer. she is responsible for creating google search and was the vice president of google maps and google services. she said i'm excited to start my new role tomorrow. on the yahoo campus employees said they are excited and hopeful. the company has had five co's in five-years and has been struggling to reestablish itself. now. where near as bad as apple when steve jobs took it over.
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it's what can be done, it's going to take a major effort. >> reporter: it was thought the interim chief executive would get the job. but analysts call this a major score for yahoo. >> i know her to be smart, driven, disciplined and demanding. so any team she puts together better expect all of that and be willing to drive hard. >> yahoo wouldn't comment on camera but in a statement said the appointment signals a renewed focus on products her first day will be tomorrow. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> more details now, she earned a masters in computer science in stanford. she was one of the first joining the company in 99 as it's 20th employee and the first female etching near. she also said she is pregnant, expecting a boy in october.
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she said her maternity leave will be brief. > sunnyvale police say two men arrested in connection with a home invasion robbery are being investigated for similar crime. they were reporting to a report of suspicious activity when they saw two men running. they caught one of them and a police dog tracked the second one to a backyard where he was also arrested. officers are now looking for a woman. >> possible third suspect that may have driven away in a vehicle, a female,. >> reporter: police say that the victim had previous contact with the woman who advertised some sort of service online. the men came with her. the stolen items included electronic devices. >> police are calling on residents to take precaution due to a spike in home burglaries. since the start of june there have been 20 in palo alto.
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most of them happened in the north end of town and police say that they are entering through unlocked and unsecured doors and windows. residents are encouraged to call the police and report any suspicious activity. >> 250 court clerks walked off the job in san francisco today delaying trials and slowing the wheels of justice. the clerks work alongside judges and also staff the payment and filing windows at the courthouse. what prompted this surprise one day strike and it's impact. >> reporter: court clerks formed a picket line in front of the hall of justice this morning. the clerks make up 60% of the san francisco court work force. their strike did impact services. >> i noticed --. >> reporter: this woman showed up to traffic court and sad turned away. >> i took the day off work to fight a traffic ticket and i don't get paid for that. >> reporter: despite the strike juror duty went on. >> we had to stay and serve.
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>> the critical and essential services of the court have been operational today. >> reporter: court administrators say workers who weren't on strike were reassigned to fill the gap. at hall of justice three of 12 trials were canceled. over at the civil courthouse, theself help center and about half of the courtrooms were closed. people filed using drop boxes in the lobby. at issue is a 5% pay cut for clerks. court executive director said he won't know his final budget until july 27th but expects a ten million dollar cut. the union says he knows more than he is letting on and clerks shouldn't agree to the pay cut until the final numbers are in. >> they could show us books and there would be no argument. >> the problem is i don't have that information. that information has not been made public yet. it's not official. >> reporter: he said all other court workers already greed to that pay cut but judges and it
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went in effect for all of them on the first of the month. in san francisco. ktvu. >> protesters also disrupt muni in san francisco during both the morning and evening. ahead in 12 minutes the anniversary demonstrators came out for. >> more of pg&e's dirty laundry coming to light. the chronicle reporting that the companye employ employees floated on idea to reclassify gas leaks, two years before the san bruno explosion. documents showdown grading some 2300 leaks would have saved them almost $5 million in repairs. pg&e scrapped the idea after whistle blowers complained to top officials. >> the wrongful death lawsuit against a convicted killer is with a jury. the case was brought on behalf of his two children and they are seeking millions of dollars. he was a successful computer programmer and is acting as his own attorney in the case.
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during closing arguments he choked up and asked the juror to let him contact his children saying it's not money they need but his time and guidance. in 2008 he was convicted of murdering his wife, their mother. the lawyer wants the rights to his property and any hidden assets. we he have coverage of the case including the interview with him in prison. just click on the tab near the top of the page. >> no sexual assault charges will be filed against a giants third baseman pablo sandoval. the da petitioned that announcement today. the 21-year-old woman accused him of assaulting her last month. the woman said that she met him and went back with him to are you a resort. investigators determined there was not enough evidence to arrest him. >> there is word tonight that
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marshon lynch is in trouble with the law again. he plays for the seahawks. he was arrested saturday night in east oakland on suspicious of driving under the influence. he was taken to jail, sited released. in 2008 his driver's license was revoked after he struck a woman and in 2009 he was suspended for pling guilty to a weapons charge. >> a prominent east bay couple being remembered tonight after both were killed in a small plane crash in utah. ken wayne is live now in lafayette where eileened more about what happened. >> reporter: we are at the construction site of the oak hill west development on mount diablo. is this is one of the places where peter has left his mark in lafayette. flowers arrived at the home of peter and mona this evening, the company said that they died in ismail plane crash in utah.
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we are told peter his wife were likely flying a sr22, similar to this one. they were on their way to the bay area to aspen but didn't show up. searchers found the wreck sunday in central utah. >> the staff here at city is shocked. >> reporter: the city manager said that he was a man of integrity and put the community first. >> this was a guy who cared more about quality than he did about profit. his -- first goal came always to be, to build a project that would enhance the community. >> reporter: he was the head of a development company, a sign at the company's quarters read, please bear with us as we mourn the tragic loss of peter mona who pass away this weekend in a plane crash. he was also a founder and board member of california bank of commerce, one of the largest in the east bay.
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mona was a designer. as far the fate of uncompleted developments. >> it's hard to know and hard to tell it'll be decision that will be left up to the family. >> reporter: the american flag at the family home was at half staff tonight. we are told that one of the three adult children is in utah tonight to identity the remains. no word yet on any services. live in lafayette. ken wayne. >> amateur race car driver and brentwood businessman was killed in a crash while racing this past weekend. he is 60 and worked as a realtor. he played in a band called ron and the pit crew. he was racing saturday night at the all american speedway in roseville when he hit a wall. a official said paramedics weren't able to bring him back. track officials said there hasn't been a death in decades. it's still out of control and tonight new concerns about the so-called robber's fire in northern california. the small community where some
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are now evacuating. >> a young man who worked here was beaten on the 4th of july and just died. what police are doing to try to find his killer. >> and the
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. we have new video to show you now from oak hand. a large branch broke off a tree
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in the 1200 block of 97th avenue after 9 this evening. it took down a power line, landed on two parked cars and blocked the street. fortunately only one house lost power. another large branch fell off that same tree months ago. bill martin said that strong winds may have been a factor. cal fire reporting progress tonight in the robber's fire in placer but it's still a dangerous fire. it's burning east of highway 80 and the concern is that the small community of iowa hill which is north of the fire. some who live there are evacuating now on their own. >> tense. you know -- any time you are told to leave your house very concerned. >> afraid of it going up indian canyon. this town is on alert right now. >> so far the fire hasn't jumped the american river which means the flames aren't heading toward colfax. it's burned 2600 acres and has
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caused nearly $7 million to night. tonight its now 45% contained. that's up from 30% this morning. >> oakland police shut down a on-ramp to 880 as they arrested two robbery suspects following a police chase and crash. that chase started just after midnight when an officer recognized the driver. the driver sped away and then crashed and rolled his car on the 66th avenue on-ramp. one suspect was arrested at the scene. officers say they arrested the second a short time later after they found him in nearby bushes. investigators believe two other passengers were let outo of the car during that chase. ? and we talked to the oakland police chief about the surge in crime in the city and coming up at 10:25 why he says residents shouldn't panic. >> the state treasure has filed for divorce after some very public trouble. he cited differences and his attorney said he wants the matter hand manied privately.
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nadia resigned from the board of supervisors in april after reports of an affair and also after entering rehab for substance abuse. they were married for about ten years, they have a 9-year-old son. new, a heart breaking decision for the mother of a 20- year-old man from vacaville in a coma since earlier this month. what happened to him and what his mother just told doctors to do. >> i still was holding out all hope for a miracle. >> reporter: kathy was praying for a miracle that her 20-year- old son would snap out of the coma he has been in since he was beaten on the 4th of july. it didn't come. yesterday she made the difficult decision to disconnect him from life support and donate his organs so others can live. >> maybe somebody, somehow will -- will have a life because of this. i don't want this to go for nothing. >> reporter: police say he had
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just arrived at a outdoor party of more than 100 people here in this area that night. he saw a fight between two men and tried to break it up when someone else hit him from behind. >> hit the curb, that's all i know. >> reporter: this resident said he didn't see it happen. he said the fireworks and barbecue block party has been going on for 17 years here. police say that few people are talking to them. >> this is a homicide. >> reporter: crime stoppers here in vacaville have offered a reward of $6,000 to find the man's killer. tyler worked here the past four years, his sister does too. police said they had to bring in grief counselors to help employees try to deal with everything that has happened. >> you need to stand up like a man and face the consequences. >> reporter: she said she doesn't want revenge, just
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justice. >> a 6-year-old had west nile virus earlier this month. the virus transmitted through mosquito bites. less than 1% of people infected develop a serious illness which can cause long term health effects. she had weakness on her right side, lot of the ability to walk and had problems speaks. she is showing signs of improvement. >> the owner of a market in the tender loin market to pay a heavy fine. they will pay $30,000 and adhere to a list of other regular layings. the market is low -- was one of two markets targeted back in january alleging that the business provide a safe haven for drug deals and bought and sold stolen items. the other market has since gone out of business. >> dozens of people blocked
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muni trains today, bringing service to a stop. it was all to mark the one year anniversary of a deadly police shoot out. >> reporter: this evening a protester briefly blocked the path of a train making its way down third street part of a all day protest offer the death of kenneth haring junior. >> he didn't have a gun. he didn't shoot himself. they don't have a gun. they don't know what they are doing. they. >> reporter: the anger over his death is still summering, he was wanted in connection to a homicide in and police say when they dried to stop him for fare evasion he ran and opened fire on them. their investigation showed that he died after accidentally shooting himself. today his mother disputes that. >> my son was murdered. the police are out here killing our kids. that's why i wanted to do this shut down because no child should have to worry about losing their life behind train fare. >> reporter: to mark the
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anniversary of his death and race awareness about their allegations of a cover up they blocked trains at 6:45 this morning, preventing them from passing. >> that has a impact on the rest of the subway. i would say that it the system was impacted for about 40 to 50 minutes. a.m. >> they stayed peaceful. there was no need at this point to make arrests and we didn't. >> reporter: police monitored the line this evening and muni stood by ready to run bus service if there was a problem. the mother pledged to return here next year to hold another block on muni. she said to to keep his memory alive. >> yeah. cool today out there and temperatures a good five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. even cooler than someplaces. we have drizzle now. we had it tonight and will see more tomorrow morning
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especially along the coast. these are the highs today. highs tomorrow. about the same. maybe a degree warmer in someplaces, a little more sun tomorrow. this weather system is playing havoc with the forecast. it's off shore and that's it the triggerrer for some of it. when i come back i will let you know when that petroleums out if it gets out in time for the bay area weekend. the forecast back at 10:45. >> the president was campaigning today in the key battleground state of ohio and used a fighting tone as he slammed romney. >> we found out there is a new study out by nonpartisan economists saying romney's plan would create 800,000 jobs, the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. >> the president is campaigning saying the study found that tax reforms support
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bid romney would significantly increase incentives for united states firms to move overseas. the romney campaign called it dishonest. they say that the study was done by a lib era l college professor who supports obama. >> i call it my jobs recovery plan to get america working, the president has only one thing going, that is a tacking me. >> the study cited by obama was written by a professor at reed college, also today romney talked about his call for the president to release documents from operation fast and furious. you will recall last month the president invoked executive privilege to with hold those documents from congress. a senator who said to be a top contender to be the vp on the ticket was in ohio today campaigning for romney when reporters asked him if he was a candidate for the job he deferred to the romney camp.
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he is considered a washington insider who has served as a congressman, and worked in both bush administrations. >> not acceptable. that's what the police chief said about the spike in crime. . >> and one east bay city
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. now to the continuing coverage of the surge in violent crime in the city of oakland. new numbers we got have showed an increase in just about every crime category this year. heather holmes sat down with the police chief and asked about a shift in strategy. the report shows how tough the
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last seven months have been. i spoke to the chief about the numbers and how he plans to bring them down. 2:30 this afternoon a man is shot and seriously wounded while driving at 35th and foothill in oakland. >> people are very, very brazen. >> reporter: 30 minutes later the chief was talking with us about dealing the up tick in crime and the bold criminal who have surprised him by striking any time of day there just aren't as many police? >> i believe that does play a role in that. >> reporter: last week oakland saw one of its most violent week. seven people shot and killed in seven days. one of the victims a 15-year- old boy. >> i don't want people to panic but just trust that we know what we are doing and we have a plan. >> reporter: that includes reassigning officers, consolidating units and putting more pressure on those causing the problem. the crime problem here is daunting, not only are homicides up, assaults, rape,
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and robbery has also increased burglaries are up 40%. >> i really appreciate you all like being in the area. >> reporter: a citizen's group patrolling crime hot spots and the founder of the bay area safety patrol said his volunteers are in high demand. >> because of the killings and how it's -- escalated to the degree it has, we usually get a lot of calls. >> reporter: the police chief said that he is meeting with consultants on expanding a crime fighting program and hopes to do that at end of next month. reporting live -- i'm heather holmes. channel 2news. >> a recount started today of a controversial ballot initiative that was refeated last month. it would have add aid one dollar tax, it mostly fewer than 30,000 votes out of the more than 5 million cast during the june election. supporters are hoping a recount
11:57 pm
will swing it back in their favor. 190 precincts in the los angeles county area are currently being recounted to see if there are any problems. >> it appears rank choice voting will stand in oakland. a move to scrap it ended before it could be voted on at tomorrow's city council meeting. a councilman wanted to put the initiative on the november ballot but he didn't get the required green light from the mayor or the administrator. >> a bay area teacher makes a plea to sex charges. and. >> a popular park in the south bay targeted for a clean up but why crews not just sweeping up [ dog barks ]
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. homeless people have been noun to set up camp in the south bay but tonight they are facing eviction. amber lee is live in san jose to explain why a string of fires makes the planned eviction more pressing. >> reporter: kelley park is a popular spot for families and the homeless. tonight we walked down the trail to look for them to talk to them act the city's clean up scheduled for thursday. the city is planning to clean up on thursday and that includes evicting the homeless. we saw them in different parts of the park. one park employee said that the suspicious is that the homeless may have started several fires near the park out of anger after they learned about the city's plan to sweep the area. >> i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: he has lived in the park about a month and has tried to get into transitional
12:01 am
housing. >> due to the housing here in san jose, you know you can sign up for housing and be on housing for seven years. >> reporter: some neighbors have complained about drunkenness and illegal activity. >> some have said that people drive in here, go across the property, one over and bedrocks. >> reporter: a spokesman for the city said the clean up is the 4th since may and it's not in response to the fires. part of the ongoing effort to maintain cleaniness in the area and offer services to the homeless including shelter. >> we recognize the concerns of the homeless, concerns of our neighbors as well as the impact on the community president it's very difficult. there are no quick fixes. >> reporter: city officials have no evidence any of the recent suspicious fires were set by the homeless. reporting live here in san jose. amber lee, ktvu channel 2news many. >> nursing mothers brought their hungry babies to the
12:02 am
office to stage a protest. they attend the nurse in. the woman behind it said she was told a security guard asked a woman to leave the building because she was breast feeding. protesters said it's important for people to remember it's legal to breast feed in public. >> a teacher pleaded not guilty in napa to sex charges involving two teen girls. the 26-year-old brock james danielss was arrested last week. police say he met them on a social networking excite then brought them to his house for sex. his bail was lowered today from one million dollars it down to $250,000. he works at vintage high school as a substitute and assistant football coach. they were not allowed to use toilet paper and they could only take one shower a month and that is just the tip of the iceberg. matt keller tells us about a horrible case of alleged abuse, the victims mentally disabled adults.
12:03 am
>> reporter: the attorney for a 27-year-old tried to keep her client out of jail this afternoon. >> [inaudible] as the other three defendants who were in. >> reporter: but didn't succeed. she, her brother, her dad, and her mom were all taken in to custody today during their hearings after bail was increased to $500,000 each. prosecutors told me today another suspect, kathy lee is expected in court soon. they are facing 18 charges including 15 elder abuse felonies for allegedly running a unlicensed care home in the evergreen neighborhood. monthers say thesauriishly neglected a dozen mentally disabled adults. they also say police removed more than 40o dogs from the home. >> we were providing -- investigation to look into all of the allegation that have been made and let the facts fall where they may. >> reporter: angela said she made the first report to police back in may after the family
12:04 am
would not let her see her uncle. she said he lived there for ten years but was to scared to say anything. >> beating him, many dogs everywhere, so there are feces and pee on the floor, slept on a mattress. just -- it's terrible conditions, only shower once a month and before going to the doctor. >> reporter: all four defendants in custody are scheduled to enter a plea at their next court appearance on august 21st. in san jose. matt keller. >> three more men have reportedly come forward saying they to were abused by jerry sandusky. last month he was convicted of 45 counts of child abuse involving ten victims. the new report its say the accusers claim abuse dating as far back as the 70s. a grand jury is still meeting in the case and could bring more charges. >> microsoft revealed a new version of its office software.
12:05 am
they say it's the most ambitionous release ever for that product. one big change is the use of cloud com future that lets you rent or share the software. it's designed to work on mobile touch screens but not the i- pad. according to some it gives you a more integrated experience. >> it feels like one solid system. it doesn't feel like excel is here and word there, it's all together. >> it's also supposed to work seamlessly with the soon to be released windows eight. no word on when it'll be released or what the price will be. microsoft stock closed slightly higher today. it was up five kreins a share. the software giant will release it's earnings this thursday. >> stock markets fell today for the 7th day out of the last eight. the dow dropped 49 points, nasdaq lost 11. the decline after the government reported american consumers cut their spending last month for the third month in a row.
12:06 am
>> leapfrog enterprises of emoryville has a new financial officer who is familiar with the toy business. ray all you has worked for them in the same capacity. leapfrog makes interactive educational toys and it's stock has gone up 88% this year. the court of appeal social security canceling next year's conference that was to be held in monterey. the court has held a yearly condependence since 1944 but it's come under attack from republican senators who are upset at the cost. a conference in maui cost a million dollars. however the conference scheduled for maui this year will go head as planned. >> the first female star of country music kitty wells died at her home in tennessee. she was 92. ♪ [ music ] . >> she was the first woman to have a number one country single. that was back in 1952.
12:07 am
she went onto have 23 singles in the top ten. she was the queen of country. she was credited with blazing a trail for other singers like patsy klin experience dolly par ton. >> hillary clinton in israel today. why this could be her last official visit to that country. . >> it's drizzling and cool. what it'll be like tomorrow. the complete forecast for the tuesday. >> and nasa giving us
12:08 am
12:09 am
. hillary clinton made what could be her last official visit to israel today. she met with the prime minister
12:10 am
and promised the united states will use its power to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons. israeli officials have said they live iran could build a weapon in a matter of months president clinton has said she wants to only serve one term and plans to leave in january. >> in other news of the world tonight in the persian gulf gunners opened fire on a small boat they say was racing toward them killing one person and injuring three others. the navy said its sailors issued several warnings but that the boat didn't stop. officials said it was a fishing boat. the incident is evidence of heidens in the gulf. in japan rescue teams still looking for people who vanished in last week's flooding. at least 28 are confirmed dead. a quarter million had to evacuate. most don't have clean water to drink. forecasters say rain well at a rate of 3.5 inches an hour and more is possible.
12:11 am
an american tourist and their guide were freed today. a man captured the them and their guide as they were riding a bus. the man agreed to release them after authorities agreed to release his uncle from jail. >> nasa sciencists or aid preview of the most dramatic attempt to look at the secret of mars. the rover is due to arrive in three weeks. sciencists call it seven minutes of terror. that's because only about half of the missions survive landing. the heat shield must with stand 1600-degree temperatures, it's made of material develop bid nasa mountain view. seven minutes of terror refers to the seven minutes they will be kept waiting to learn if the ship survive the mars landing. that's how long it takes for
12:12 am
signals from mars to reach earth. >> an author has died. he wrote the encyclopedia brown series. he said his father died last week. next year is the 50th anniversary of the series. he was 87. >> a major development from researchers,. >> the water shed moment in the fight against hiv. >> how an old medicine is being used as new treatment against the disease. against the disease. >> a[ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back.
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. the fda approved the first hiv prevention drug for people who have a high risk of
12:15 am
infection. rob roth says this is a huge step in stopping the spread of the deadly disease. >> reporter: many of his patients hiv positive including one. he said he has already been prescribing the drug which is made in foster city and that it works. >> i know for a fact i'm preventing hiv infections in high risk individuals by putting them on this drug. >> reporter: for the first time in this history of fighting aids the fda approved for use by healthy hiv negative people who engage in risky sexual behavior or who have partners who are infected. >> it's a water shed moment. today is a new. >>announcer: ra in prevention. >> reporter: even with the approval health officials are urging people to use condoms but with 50,000 getting infected each year they hope it'll help stop the spread. >> it'll still take a number
12:16 am
of years before we get to that. in the meantime we need lots of other strategies and this is just one of them but it's the first pill that is taken every day and can stop you from getting infected. >> reporter: will it mean more people will see it as a green light? >> we wouldn't want anyone to go out and abandon common sense. >> reporter: health officials hope with the fda stamp of approval insurance companies will start covering the thousand dollar a month drug and that it'll be more available in low income areas where rates the highest. rob roth. ktvu channel 2news. >> a ground breaking treatment credited with saving a small dog from the east bethea had eaten poisonous mushrooms. >> the wonder dog. the miracle dog. it's amazing. >> reporter: a quick thinking vet did some research and found a doctor who had success with a mushroom treatment for humans. it involved draining toxins from the gall bladder and
12:17 am
keeping the patient hydrated. he did it for the dog and it worked. the dog was the first dog to receive the treatment. she is now recovered and is as good as new. it's not unusual in the bay area to see a deer dart across the road but on a stretch of interstate 280 it's more of a serious safety issue. that's why caltrans, uc davis and fish and game are studying deer behavior trying to reduce car accidents. starting friday wildlife officials say they will sedate about a dozen deer and put tracking collars on them. >> windy, chilly out there and a little bit of drizzle as well. that's what happened this morning, going on tonight as well. the winds have backed off but i have allow clouds or fog pressing well inland. tomorrow morning we have a lot of neighborhoods, most of us will have cloud cover and up to fairfield to check out the
12:18 am
current wind speeds, sustained winds at 25 miles an hour up toward pittsburgh. the winds are blowing, that fog and low clouds have clanked out the atmosphere. they aren't happening. the fire danger has come down and so have the temperatures. today's high were a good ten to 15 degrees cooler in someplaces, overnight in the 50s. fog everywhere and a lot of drizzle along the great highway. bodega bay, so tomorrow morning and tonight there will be wet on the roadway. a little bit of a blaze. as you drive around or around the bay in the morning, early morning hours if you have the early morning drive be prepared for slick roadways, won't be measurable. maybe a hundred diagnostic of an inch but enough to slow you down or make traffic slower. the extended forecast will be a slow warm up in to the weekend but that doesn't happen right away. because of this low pressure to the north we have this big push
12:19 am
of fog and low clouds, that's the computer model in sacramento. into davis. that's cloud cover. it burns off. we will see more sun tomorrow but still, incrediblely cool temperatures for this time of year. 70s in the sacramento valley. the forecast into the bay area, 50s, where it should be 60, mid60's where it should be 80. temperatures well below the average. fire danger takes a break. temperatures are good five and ten degrees below the average are. that's how it goes for tuesday. wednesday it warms up but not a lot. here is how the computer model plays it. asset drizzle here off shore president that's at since. the green areas, that's rain north of us. a little bit of drizzle and with this just off shore it's probably the dynamics are probably happening here as well. look for that early morning tomorrow and then the afternoon clearing. i think we will see more sun tomorrow. tomorrow a day a lot like today but with more sun.
12:20 am
maybe more drizzle. the forecast highs, 75 antioch, 76 brentwood. night expect 94 this time of year. 75 gilroy. temperatures below the average and as you go into tuesday know it'll be a lot like today. wednesday, thursday and friday it does start to warm up and act more like summer as you get toward the bay area weekend. it's unusual -- >> drizzlely too. >> yeah. wet. >> strange. >> 14 million-dollar project to redo the port of redwood, to start the end of august. the wharfs will create hundreds of new feet. it's included upgrades to the public access area including the medicare arina and fishing pier. it's expected to end by 2013. >> the emoryville fire department marked its consolidation into the alameda
12:21 am
county fire department with a change of command ceremony. today's ceremony is a hundred years of service and have the july 1st start of the consolidation between the two fire departments. >>
12:22 am
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12:24 am
. the question is not who will be the next american idol but who will be the next judges on the american idol show. steven tyler and jennifer lopez left leaving only randy jackson. some of the names mentioned as possible replacements mariah carry, katy perry and charlie sheen. eye doll has already started tryouts for next season. >> mark is off tonight. joe is here and team usa got a chance to play in front of the president. >> it was a big night. thea limb picks around the corner and the basketball team had a final tune up. the president and first lady watching, they decided not to par take in their first chance on the kiss camera. the united states took control with the second quarter.
12:25 am
james doing his thing. united states up by five at the half. third quarter, the new dream team running the floor. still gets the shot to fall. paul made the old fashioned three. didn't shoot especially well. look -- there is no denying durant on that trip to the hoop. they win and on the obama's second chance on the kiss camera the president complied. much to the delight of the crowd. the women's team late laid a wreath at the tom of the unknown soldier. diana had 16 points for the team that features, six players for the unit of connecticut. rattling in the three. it was the united states that tuned up brazil by a score of 99-67. the giants spent the day traveling to atlanta where they will open a three game series tomorrow night. despite that their lead in the west grew by a half game. howard and -- howard finally
12:26 am
back healthy. this opposite field is howard's first home run and first rbi of the year. giving them a 3-0 lead. they won 3-2. > today was a deadline for the nfl franchise players to sign a long term contract or accept the team's tender. the 49ers is one of five given a franchise tag by their respective teams but have yet to sign. he had been trying to get a long term deal done but will only be able to play for one year at 6 approximate $.2 million. the 15th stage of the tour de france, a french rider out sprinted christian, the united states to win the stage. what didn't change was the overall standing, wiggins who came in with the same time, the leader by two minutes and five
12:27 am
seconds. the a's back at it tomorrow night. when they open a six game home stand with the first of two against the rangers. >> they are one of the hottest teams. it's nice to see the a's and giants doing well. >> two teams in playoff contention. all you can ask for. >> and -- kiss camera was priceless. >> that was. >> on the second go round. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning news starts at 4:30 and sal will be here tracking the early drive from two until nine and we are always here for you on the website and mobile ktvu.
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